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Meet the Insurance Broker Who Helps Small Business Owners Find Clients

Working in corporate America for 12 years with 6 years as an account executive selling health insurance to small, medium and large companies, I learned how to quickly establish rapport with decision makers.

Since leaving corporate America in the early 2000s, I learned that small business owners could use more help with finding more clients than getting the best, most affordable health insurance.

As an account executive, working throughout California, I managed attorney law practice, CPA firms, credit unions, county employer groups and university faculty health insurance accounts.

With account executive conversations with small business owners, I discovered they speak a unique language and have specific thoughts about running their companies

Looking at today's current economics, it's just makes plain, common sense for two entities with mutual interests to work together. Meaning, small business owners need predictable, affordable strategies to add more clients and insurance brokers, like myself, want more life, disability and retirement planning clients.

I returned to the financial services industry in 2021. Before resuming insurance sales, 321 Biz Development, a consulting firm, was created to help primarily white-collar small business owners increase productivity and performance.

321 Biz Development currently supports attorneys, CPAs, dentists, plastic surgeons, insurance brokers, real estate brokers and any traditional business owner with transaction prices starting at $1,000.

Clarence also works with insurance partners like Jason Wilson who Clarence has known since 2004.

Clarence and Jason are military veterans (Air Force and Navy, respectively) whose families occasionally get together for holidays and celebrations.

I look forward to connecting with small business owners for mutual benefit. The time is right. The need is now.

All the best,

Clarence Nappier

California Insurance Agent, 0D15213

(279) 214-6200


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